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Dear Church Family, Friends and Visitors,

In the midst of all the upheaval that COVID-19 is causing, it has been so encouraging to see our church rising to the occasion and reaching out to our community. Today I heard it said that the church shines her best when the times get their worst. We are blessed to have such a strong vibrant church, especially as we encounter new challenges together.

As your church, we are adapting daily to be the best version of Christ’s body we can be; looking at creative ways to connect and meet needs while doing so in a wise and responsible manner.  As we follow the CDC and state guide-lines to help prevent the transmission of the virus, the regular services on Sunday’s  and Wednesday’s in the building are temporarily cancelled. Our offices will remain open during normal hours, and SOS will continue on a limited basis.
During this time that services have been cancelled in the building, we will offer a Sunday sermon here and on Face Book  on Sunday mornings at 8:45 until we can meet again in the building.  You can watch from your home and still worship as a family (See Links Below). 
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In His Grace,
Pastor Michael Miller
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A 40 Day Journey That Leads Us To The Cross

 Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. The word “Lent “comes from the Anglo Saxon word lencten, which means “spring.” The forty-day period represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, enduring the temptation of Satan and preparing to begin his ministry. 

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. Historically, Lent has been a time to prepare new converts for baptism. Today, Christians also focus on their relationship with God, often choosing to give up something or to volunteer and give of themselves for others. 

Sundays in Lent are not counted in the forty days because each Sunday represents a “mini-Easter” and the reverent spirit of Lent is tempered with joyful anticipation of the Resurrection.

Lenten Observances

Ash Wednesday – February 26Ashes remind us that our human mortality and sinfulness have been triumphed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, the ashes used in this service were the result of burning the palms saved from Palm Sunday the year before.

Palm Sunday – April 5. Children waving palm leaves and arrangements of palm leaves on the altar table remind us of the greeting that Jesus received when He entered into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.

Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday – April 9.  Maundy, meaning commandment, is what Christ gave to his disciples and to us during the Last Supper as he took the bread and the wine and said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Every communion service should remind us of this commandment as we remember Christ and the sacrifice he made for each of us.

Good Friday – April 10.  A “Tenebrae Service” on Good Friday reminds us of God’s purpose of loving and redeeming the world through the cross of Jesus Christ. 

Holy Saturday or The Great Silence – April 11. On Holy Saturday, think of the silence we find ourselves in when terrible news arrives – Jesus is dead and buried in a tomb.
Easter – April 12.  Rejoice. Christ is Risen!
Come Alive in 40 Days- A Lenten Devotional

To help us prepare, you may desire to fast or give something up for Lent in order to better relate and associate with Christ for 40 days, as He gave up so much for us. Fasting helps us re-calibrate to what really matters. Another resource and means of grace you may find helpful is the attached 40 day Lenten devotional that also will help us focus on what truly matters in each of our days, lives and relationships. Let’s dig in to a deeper intimacy with the Lord starting today.

(Please click on the link below to access Come Alive in 40)

Come Alive in 40–Daily Devotions for the Lenten Season

Many times throughout the year 2019, you probably heard the old joke,  “What does next year hold…?  I don’t know, I don’t have 2020 vision…”  Well we now find ourselves in the year 2020 and the question is still germane.  The answer; however, may take a bit more exploration to determine what God has in store for us as individuals, and as a Church.  Follow along as we unpack what this new vision means as we, Love, Learn, and Lead…
New Sunday School Classes for 2020!
New Small Groups for 2020!
Chronological Bible Readings

Dear Church Family,

Because Christ’s church is built on the solid, unchanging foundation of God’s Word, the Holy Bible, we are inviting the entire church to read through the Bible in one year, 2019. We will provide a user-friendly guide in each week’s worship bulletin, so we can all read together and stay in step with this life changing goal.  A booklet of the readings will also be made available at the Christian Life Center Desk or the Sanctuary Vestibule, and the list of Readings can be accessed from the link below (opens to an Adobe .pdf file)

Chronological Bible Readings for 365 days


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